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A fence does not have to look like a fence. This public arts concept is a 1100 ft long sculpture. The desert and its natural beauty of the geology, land forms and plant materials coupled with the whim and charter of the many dogs and their owners formed the basis of the sculptural design concept.

Hot Rolled steel bar is the main material used in the construction of the sculptural fence and gates. A simple hand bending jig was used to slightly deform the bar stock changing it from an industrial shape to a more natural line. The more complex detail shapes were formed using simple and complex hand bending jigs. Parts were then assembled into panels and gates using the MIG welding process. Cleaned, painted and transported from the studio in northern California to Palm Springs in seven waves. Some details required custom fitting and assembly on the site such as jumping over rocks. All sections and details were welded together to complete the final form.

The following photo essay can be purchased on a DVD with higher resolution photos.

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