Ornamental  Metals include -Trellis – Gazebos –  Pergolas – Arches – Gates and Fences.  These project follow a priority – sculpture first  then address the  physics of gravity, wind and time.    A truss can be a wandering truss, an arch can be almost symmetrical and a material can have the ability to slow time.

Garden Art-  Getty English Garden 1998

Collection of 16 arches, 1 pergola, 32 columns and 12 rose trees.  Constructed of solid bar steel and painted.  More than 80,000 hand made scrolls, arcs and gigs.


Garden Art- Transcontinental Gothic- 1995

Collection of Driveway Gate, Fence, Railings, Deer Fence, Pergola, Transition Gates, Concrete Metal Patterns, Concrete -Bronze Compass and Stained Glass Dome Structure.  Constructed mostly of steel hand made parts with bronze, copper and stainless steel in detail amounts.

Trellis- VALLEJO- 2008  Bronze solid bar construction.

Trellis  Arch- Lyon Driveway- 1994
Arch- MARIPOSA 1989
Gazebo-  GRANDE -1988
Costar Project: 1996-98