Desert Song

May 7 – June 22, 2017
A special exhibit, featuring Phill Evans and Rebecca Jaggers.
Gallery II at High Hand Art Gallery in Loomis, CA.

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Includes New Work—Kinetic Figures–Hand Forged Bronze Figures

Wind Kinetic Sculpture

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Wall Art- Copper, Bronze – Hammered,  Forged hot and cold.

Wall Art-Hammered  Brass, Bronze and Carved Stone- Fireplace Hood


















Tiki Fire Show

Show Tiki Fire- Blue Line Gallery Roseville, California  Reception for Artists June 18, 7-9 pm  June -July 2, 2001  

A journey of fifty years of creative work sparked by Henry Evans giving his brother Phill a wood carving set in 1959. Tiki Gods were the first carved works sold to the surfers on the beaches of Southern California. Observing individual personalities and Polynesian cultural influences charged the curiosity leading to decades of countless sculptural concepts.