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Sculptural Table- SPACE FORM-2015 Phill Evans-Stainless Steel-Carved Wood H-34 W-36 D-10in SPACE FORM-2015 Carved Wood-Stainless Steel Sculptural Table-MOM'S TABLE REMAKE-2015 Phill Evans-Copper-Steel-Wood H-23 W-18 D-12in MOM’S TABLE REMAKE-2015- Old wood table dismantled-Copper-Steel Sculptural Table-COPPER TRAILS-2016 Phill Evans-Copper-Steel-Glass H-23 W-18 D-10in COPPER TRAILS-2016 Copper-Steel-Glass




Carousel Collective at Artstock

“Carousel Collective”

Wind Kinetic

5 individual wind kinetics balanced and rotating around a single point.

1. “Fan’s Bus”  2. “Dancing the Whippoorwill”  3. “Sonny Wind”  4. “Orange Swing”  5. “Tip Top”

Materials:   Aluminum, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel and Stone H-12′ Dia-6′


Video – http://youtu.be/SmcirCaDhbQ


“Double Bubbles” Wind Fountain in a low water Landscape 2015Quick Shots


Wind Day at the Old Studio 2013

Video Link—–


Bronze Sheet Construction Table Legs with Steel Core and Frame for Wood Top


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Oscillating Wall Kinetic- DRAGON FOREST 2004 Roseville, CA-H-120in W-48″ D-7″ Bronze,Copper,Glass, Stone


Christmas Party 2012 LED Chandelier






National Orange Show Fritz’s Dog Screen
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